The awakening spirit of Te Ohonga gives new life to all. It is the rich essence of cultural finesse that delivers an undeniable spirit from within the depths of Aotearoa ∼ New Zealand. 


Te Ohonga Enterprises Limited is a multi-level New Zealand company. Our philosophy is born from within the timeless era of Māori, the ancient indigenous people of Aotearoa.

Te Ohonga Enterprises Limited is comprised of three unique business units – Gallery – Interiors – Professional Services

Each level is encased within the ancient legend  of  ‘The Three Baskets of Knowledge’  Ngā Kete Mātauranga.  We introduce a philosophy designed to value without compromising culture or etiquette and create a new market that highlights the exceptional arts, crafts, design and ideas born from within the ancient world of Māori.

Te Ohonga Enterprises Limited is evolving to embrace global change within a multidimensional paradigm.  Our ability to build intercultural relationships is unique and is a priority. Our management team share this vision to produce excellence coupled with foresight to build committed relationships with our clients to deliver exceptional quality and service.

We strive for balance and harmony within the multi-dimensions of nature that provide the awareness we require to maintain the sacred knowledge of the natural world that is at the very core of our existence.

We strive for excellence to produce New Zealand Made products to a local and global market, while  introducing a new and exciting paradigm. 


Te Ohonga Enterprises Limited embraces the timeless knowledge and wisdom of the Elders who guide, guard and protect the Taonga (treasures) of all things sacred and precious.

By adhering to this ancient philosophy we remain connected and advised by those prestigious and learned ones who transcend  the world of business, and ensure we maintain Mana in all things. Tikanga Māori is esoteric in nature and only after many years of living experience within the world of business, family and service can the depths of this timeless knowledge be understood and shared.

By planting the roots of our philosophy deeply within Mother Earth – Papatuanuku we  secure our stability below as the world above in the heavens Ranginui continues to feed and nourish our soul.

Our recognition of the knowledge, understanding and execution pertaining to all matters in Tikanga Māori  transcends the physical dimension of life and merges into a multidimensional existence.


Te Ohonga Home – Te Ohonga Enterprises Limited (est.2011) is an Omni  (multi-level) business, modeled on the ancient legend Ngā Kete Mātauranga, (The Three Baskets of Knowledge) chosen as a strong foundation for growth and prosperity. All aspects of this legend is reflected within each level of business and  highlighted  below.


 Ngā Kete Mātauranga ̴ The Three Baskets of Knowledge  

The Three Baskets of Knowledge legend is esoteric in nature and embodied in mysticism. However for the purpose of business Te Ohonga Enterprises Limited acknowledges the contemporary understanding of The Three Baskets of Knowledge as introduced by Maori Marsden,  and is used in association within Te Ohonga Enterprises Limited.


 Ngā Kete Mātauranga  ̴  The Baskets of Knowledge

 The Basket of Darkness  ̴   unknown knowledge

The Basket of Light  ̴   present knowledge

The Basket of Pursuit  ̴  seeking knowledge


We invite you to view the legend via the link below

The Three Baskets of Knowledge


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