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New Ideas ∼ New Opportunities ∼ A New Paradigm in Business


The Professional Services in a unique and exciting new paradigm that is the culmination of over three decades of experience in education design, including both national and international program presentation. (United Kingdom, United States, (including Hawaii), Australia and New Zealand)

We design unique Signature Programs to educate and facilitate advanced levels of understanding and wellness within a new paradigm to meet the increased demand of evolution in business and life in general.  Cultural Intelligence is at the heart of life on a global scale that is unprecedented. Therefore new ideas, new opportunities and new paradigms that build a bridge of awareness to create harmony and well-being, we view as our priority.

Program Content, Design and Presentation is entirely facilitated by Te Ohonga Enterprises Ltd.


Te Ohonga Wellness 

There has never been a more exciting time than this current age moving humanity into the age of wellness, placing the well being and awareness of humanities evolutionary journey at the forefront of business.

Embracing a new mindset to support our  evolutionary journey as we travel into a new paradigm of holistic oneness and embark upon a wellness lifestyle to  include work, social, family and community.  From birth we build and record our understanding through experience. It is for this reason the programs presented by Te Ohonga Professional Services have their  foundation that is built upon our well being and the implementation of a new paradigm, to facilitate change.

For many years companies like Google and Apple have created new positions such as a ‘mindfulness manager’ to implement procedures of relaxation and meditation  incorporated into the regular working schedule.

We are constantly being challenged to embrace a new paradigm that achieves increased focus, efficiency and productivity. An exciting addition to any business model is an investment that provides an opportunity for growth.

In order to maintain a healthy status of emotional intelligence it makes perfect sense that we encourage and expand our awareness to be mindful of the  potential within ourselves, the workplace and the people in it. Naturally this will have profound changes in the personal lives of participants and reduce stress and pressure, often experienced when there is no emotional skill set in place.

As we learn to  to become self directed and aim for higher potential,  we undoubtedly will captivate the minds of employees to  develop an environment for creativity, synchronicity and cohesion in the workplace.


Te Ohonga Indigenous Gallery



The gallery sources and supplies unique traditional hand crafted exhibition pieces of Art, Whakairo, (carvings)  Pounamu, (greenstone)  Raranga, (Weaving) Korowai and Kete to meet the demand of both individuals and companies from local and international markets. These adorn homes and office space that showcase an appreciation of indigenous products connecting with fond memories experienced in New Zealand that are treasures for visitors and collectors alike.


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