Connecting People ∼ Products ∼ and Culture to Aotearoa, New Zealand 


Te Ohonga Interiors ushers in the dawn of a new era, a luxury brand that awakens a renaissance of style and perfection infusing ancient traditions with the Heritage of Aotearoa ̴ New Zealand.


The Interiors, highlights all aspects of living and decor’ an expression of the culture, comfort and beauty you desire to be surrounded by, creating unforgettable experiences.

Project Management of new and existing buildings is an exciting component of our business. Interior decor for Home, Spa, Hotel, Yacht and  Corporate deliver a unique and exciting opportunity to express the luxury flare of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Made in New Zealand Products

Environmentally aware, only natural fibers are used in the manufacturing of our garments. 100% AAA ∼ VIP Cotton. This collection is bespoke  (patterned, cut and tailored) by a master New Zealand artisan. Carefully handcrafting every detail with skill and precision to produce  beautiful garments of perfection.

Te Ohonga Interiors ensures a high level of quality control is exercised to maintain proven levels of production for our Luxury New Zealand Made brand.

These collections highlight the best quality available, complete with a style and finish that speaks the language of Te Ohonga – The Awakening!


Proudly Made in New Zealand (Est.2012)